Discovery has been made by a man in India: Mysterious creature in an abandoned electrical substation (Video)

What has been described as an incredible discovery has been made by a man in India. The electrician has uncovered what is thought to be the body of a dinosaur and it seems to have still the flesh intact.

Mysterious Body Found In Abandoned Electrical Substation

The electrician was working at a substation that had been abandoned in India when he came across the remains of a dinosaur type animal which is said to have been very well preserved to the point where it still has a lot of the flesh intact on its body. Scientists have now studied the animal, but they are still looking into the origins of the creature.

Parag Madhukar Dhakate, a conservator for the Indian Forest Service, said that the animal does seem to look like a dinosaur, but they really could not say anything else until all tests have been undertaken on the carcass of the animal. He did go on to say that the shape of the animal did resemble that of a dinosaur; however, scientists have not been able to work out the specific type of dinosaur.

If Dinosaurs Haven’t Been Around For 65 Million Years, Why Is The Flesh Intact?

Aaryan Kumar who studies paleontology at the Delhi University said that non-avian dinosaurs had been extinct for more than 65 million years, but the animal that was recently found with flesh still on the bones does seem to resemble a theropod. He continued by saying that this was a suborder of dinosaur that included bipedal carnivores. The fact that the body was found with most of its flesh still intact, along with the location, did bring up many questions.

Kumar said that the skeleton of a dinosaur could not have been located in a condition that was so well-preserved after many millions of years without it becoming fossilized. He went on to say that the only way in which it could have been so well preserved was if it had been done chemically for storage in a museum. However, if it was a museum piece how did it end up in the abandoned substation.

The body of the suspected dinosaur is small at just under one foot in length, and it is now in the hands of the paleontologists at the Kumaun University in India so that further tests can take place, including carbon dating. There are many rumors along with theories as to what the animal is, and some scientists are of the belief that it is a dinosaur that came from the theropod family. These are small dinosaurs that include the Anchiornis and T-Rex. Others have said that it could be a distorted fetus of a mammal from prehistoric times from the goat family.