Pyramid 864 – Prophesied about 2,000 years ago, The time of Revelation has come (Video)

After 4 years of keeping these chronicles of the last convulsions of a world doomed to destruction, the moment has come to draw my bow. I say that this is not a choice but a necessity imposed on the one hand by a certain accumulated fatigue but also by the approach of the fateful time of the great break, this moment when life daily will be impacted by the beginnings of the great disaster announced since the beginning of time. In reality, these first fruits are already present and the list is long.

In particular, they can be observed in the corruption of society, in the noise of war and the various climatic disturbances. But as they do not affect people in their daily lives and in the end, the days follow each other indefinitely, they do not imagine that the huge machinery at the base of their monotonous routine can suddenly stop and plunge them into an indescribable chaos that usually they contemplate at ease on the screens of their TV.

This chaos is the one that is spreading inexorably throughout the world, from Libya to Ukraine via Syria and Iraq. Apart from the chaos caused by the war, they will also have to endure the one caused by the surge of unleashed elements like the tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes that are still in everyone’s memory. This dramatic conjunction of the destructive forces of nature and human barbarism was prophesied about 2,000 years ago and as such, it is a sign of what is commonly called the end of time…Rorschach. This video is probably our last chance to know the truth and it will obviously be attacked by stupid trolls and other more professionals … All that is announced in the video is authentic and verifiable by all if we take a little of your time to read the article available in the description. Now, it depends only on you and your shares so that this truth illuminates men or on the contrary, it goes out again.