Paul Dienach, The Man Who Fell Into A Coma And Traveled To The Year 3906 (Video)

In 1921, an ordinary man named Paul Amadeus Dienach fell into a comatose state which is how he remained for a year until he made a successful recovery. Dienach had been suffering with failing health for many years and his medical problems would not be worthy of comment almost a hundred years after the fact if it were not for what he said had happened to him while he lay in a coma.

He claimed that he had migrated into the body of a man living in the year 3906 while he was unconscious and that he, therefore, had a unique insight into what was going to happen in the future. The people he encountered in the future, Dienach claimed, were well aware of his unique state and took joy in explaining to him everything that would happen in the twenty-first century leading up to their present day. The only things that they would not tell him about were events that would dominate the twentieth century as they claimed that he might be overcome with temptation to change the course of world events if he was aware of what would happen in his own immediate future.

It is clear that Dienach sincerely believed that he had been gifted with an incredible insight into the coming future of the people of Earth and he would devote much of the rest of his life to transcribing what he had learned in a diary. In recent years, those who have examined these diaries, particularly the portions that concern the present day, have noted that his writings have uncannily summarised the problems facing in the world. Dienach claimed that between the years 2000 and 2300 that humanity would be stricken by a number of serious problems including overpopulation, the destruction of the environment, economic inequality, starvation, and wars. He also said that most of these problems could be attributed to a failure within the monetary system, something which many political commentators would agree with. He also claimed that people in these years would strive only for financial survival and there would be a clear reduction in the number of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. Given that these predictions seem to chime so uncannily with the present day it has been suggested that Dienach’s claims about the future are worth assessing.


He claimed that in 2204 AD that there would be a large scale colonization of the planet Mars of twenty million people. Indeed, at this current time, there are plans by various space agencies and private enterprise groups to establish colonies on the Red Planet. However, he also predicted that a mere sixty years following the colonization that a vast natural disaster would obliterate the colony and humanity would never attempt to lay roots on Mars again.

THE BEGINNING OF A NEW EPOCH: 2309 It was in 2309 that he predicted that the beginning of a new epoch would begin with an absolutely devastating war that would strike down entire civilizations and be particularly devastating in Africa and East Asia where the majority of the population would be wiped out completely. The war will end almost a hundred years after it began with the establishment of the Global Parliament of Earth who would seek to rebuild civilization from scratch. The representatives of this Parliament would be elected by scientists, technologists and humanitarian figures. The Parliament would be a great success, abolishing the concept of money, retributing resources to ensure equality and striving to repair environmental damage.

While the Global Parliament would ensure that people would work for less and that no one would go without basic resources, it would come to be opposed for many centuries by various nationalist factions all over the world. This would continue for quite some time. Throughout all of this dramatic upheaval, people on the planet would still be suffering from a kind of spiritual malaise. This would all change when certain individuals begin to move forward into the next stage of human evolution in the year 3382. This stage of evolution would allow people to gain access to what is termed as ‘Direct Knowledge’. While it is not completely clear what this entails, Dienach writers that it would usher in a new global age of human existence with complete equality and peace on the planet at last.