Scientists Aren’t Going to Tell You This! /2017-2018/ (Video)

Scientists’ Warnings, Blowing up Earth, Demonic Spirits, Black Matter, Paranormal Portals, and Mysterious Deaths of CERN Scientists. Both Stephen Hawking and Neil Degrasse Tyson warn of the CERN energy possibility of Exploding our Planet Earth and the Solar System, along with part of the Universe. The recent reactivation of CERN with even greater energy levels has resulted in ” Images” of demonic entities.

In one of this videos you can see a small selection of images from Cern BSRT beams from the Large Hadron Collider. Some really scary footage showing demons and angels, lots of faces and some full bodied entities too, some very strange stuff!

A look at the beams from the CERN collider dumps watch zoomed footage while Cern was pumping out at full capacity. The things coming through as the director at Cern describes them too, look like demons…