There Is A Dark Secret You Should Know About The Royals (VIDEO)

Royals : Ever since the days of colonial rule, many have associated “blue-blood” with blood that is pure and of elite lineage. That is why in the past, there was a distinct difference between the blue blood and the commoners.

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Today, with the rise of democracy and a centralized government that the people have “power” to change by voting, monarchies have fallen.

Many now serve as a means of diplomatic relations, rather than a seat of power as it once was in the past. However, discoveries have led many to believe that the true reason behind why people of “pure-blooded” lineage were called bluebloods in the past.

Was it really because they had “pure-blood”, or were they really just a group of extraterrestrials disguising themselves and camouflaging themselves into human society, while at the same time enabling themselves a seat of power by labeling themselves differently from the common people(humans).

Vlad the Impaler Prince Charles recently made the discovery that he was related to Vlad the Impaler, nicknamed Dracula. He was known for impaling his enemies, so much that it looked like a forest.

He was notorious for his gruesome murders throughout history, even until this day. What has this got to do with Princess Diana’s death?

Mohammed Al-Fayed, the father of Princess Diana’s lover who died in the crash with her, once revealed in an old interview that he suspected and openly accused the British Crown of assassinating his son.

In his interview, while it might not make sense at the beginning, was actually Mr. Al-Fayed calling the British royals family “British Dracula Family” and “Crocodile Wife”, which is referring to Camilla, mistress of Prince Charles which caused the divorce of the royal couple.

In ancient times, and ancient Asia such as Japan and China, the dragon is a symbol of power and royal blood.

Count Dracula was a real person – he was actually a Romanian ruler that was part of a secret order called the Order of the Dragon. The dragon is a reptile.

Count Dracula’s father – named Vlad Dracul – also noting that Drac means devil in Romanian, and Dracul means the devil. In the Bible, the reptile was a serpent who deceived humankind.

Princess Diana, in her conversation to Christine Fitzgerald – Princess Diana’s personal confidant was taped to reveal what Princess Diana called the British royal family: Reptiles.

Princess Diana claimed that the Queen Mother of Royals has lived for far longer than she has led on and that they belonged to a species who could use energy to shed their skin and be “reborn” again in a way.

Princess Diana claimed that they feed on fear, but humans are getting more and more aware, which leads to a loss in power for them which they fear. These creatures have been along for a long time, and have been deceiving us all the while.

It is a victory for us humans, but we need to stand vigilant against threats like these that may come at any unknown time.

The scarier it is, the more truth it might hold – because just like Princess Diana, who was a commoner, we have the voice – and the power, to take back what belongs to us.