Alien Structures and Monolith were photographed on Iapetus, the Mysterious Moon of Saturn! (VIDEO)

Iapetus is Saturn’s third largest natural satellite. The Cassini mission in 2007 revealed several unusual features of this moon.

One of these features is a huge mysterious equatorial ridge that reaches a height of 20 km, a length of 1300 km and a width of 20 km. This huge summit involves more than 75 percent of the moon. It is unclear how this huge protuberance was formed, and NASA experts are having a hard time explaining why this ridge follows the equator almost perfectly.

There are at least four current hypotheses, and the first is that the ridge could be icy material, which flowed below the surface and then solidified on the Iapetus surface.

The second hypothesis is that the “ring-shaped ridge” was created during its formation due to the “Hill sphere”, or a sphere of gravitational influence of a celestial body, which compared to the perturbations of another organism, with A larger mass, around which it orbits, it created the equatorial ridge in Iapetus.

The third hypothesis is that the protuberance on the moon of Saturn is the result of an old geological convective overturning. The fourth hypothesis, risked by ufologists is that Iapetus is not a natural moon, but an artificial structure built by an alien race, and it has become an alien space outpost.