NSA internal journal admits extraterrestrial contact (Photo/PDF document)

In 2004, a selection of NSA documents was given the all clear for public disclosure. However, in an unexplained move, the security agency chose not to release the documents, collected under the intriguing title of “Key to the Extraterrestrial Messages” for a full seven years afterward.

The NSA were finally pushed into publishing the information on their website following legal intervention, and it can still be viewed today. But what does it actually say? The documents, which have been described as a veritable ‘treasure trove’ by extraterrestrial enthusiasts, contain an incredibly compelling report which was compiled for the NSA’s internal journal. The documents first appeared in the NSA Technical Journal Vol XIV No 1 with FOIA Case number 41472 and were authored by the esteemed cryptologist Dr. Howard Campaigne. The topic of this fascinating report concerns twenty-nine coded messages intercepted by the Sputnik satellite which is believed to derive from an extra-terrestrial origin. Link: https://www.nsa.gov/news-features/declassified-documents/ufo/assets/files/key_to_et_messages.pdf

Dr. Campaigne is one of the most renowned cryptologists in the world who has spent decades of his life working for various governmental agencies such as the Naval Security Group, Army Security Agency, National Security Agency among others. He was selected to examine the exciting messages along with a team of other accomplished NSA cryptologists. However, the documents suggest that they had limited success in decoded the presumed alien communications.

Dr. Campaigne said that some of the words of the messages were able to be translated but that there were many elements of the communications that the team had still not been able to properly comprehend. He also said that while the team had a hazy grasp on the alien grammar that they had been unable to thoroughly understand the vocabulary.

This astonishing report, which was released with no fanfare, raises some interesting implications. It is well known that various intelligence agencies from all over the globe were deeply invested in examining the extraterrestrial phenomenon in the recent past, but the governments of the world have been loath to admit that their agencies are still involved in these activities in the present day. However, this document reveals that despite their reticence in speaking publicly about belief in extraterrestrials that the American government is still taking intelligent contact from alien beings seriously.

This raises questions about what they have discovered about intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and why they are so cagey about releasing this kind of information into the public domain.