WW3 a Distraction While Planet 9 Enters Our Solar System (VIDEO)

Most of our attention span has become captivated within the realm of global events that seem to be escalating towards a third world war. WW3 2017 predictions are popping up everywhere. It’s almost impossible not to speculate about WW3 when you consider what has happened recently:

  • Russian and Chinese tracking Trump’s naval armada that is due to be in a tactical position against North Korea by April 25 within the Sea of Japan. North Korea has already warned that if attacked they will respond with a blistering assault against targets like South Korea and Japan.
  • In response to this massive deployment as well as Trump’s announcement of considering “kinetic military action”, i.e. a sudden strike, senior North Korean official warns that the “U.S. is creating a dangerous situation” in which a thermal nuclear war may break out at any minute. He goes on to say that North Korea is ready to respond at any “mode of war that is desired by the United States” and that his country’s missile tests will continue on a weekly basis.

Bear in mind that the Vietnam War was initiated off of a naval attack that never happened, the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident, in which we accused the North Vietnamese of attacking U.S. naval vessels with torpedoes and machine gun fire, thus plunging our nation into war.

Think history will not repeat itself? According to MIT Professor Emeritus we just attacked Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack that we said was conducted by President Bashar Assad when we had absolutely no evidence that his regime was behind it.

From a tactical standpoint, that would have been a suicidal move considering he was on the verge of a military victory against the terrorist insurgency as well as being days away from peace talks that would secure his position as president; not to mention the chemical attack carried no military significance and was captured by multiple cameras to ensure maximum media coverage.

Simply put, President Assad had nothing to do with it.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg within the geopolitical landscape of world events. As important as they are as well as having a deeper understanding of the real moves that are being made, no one really seems to be as captivated by what is happening in the universe around us within our solar system.

As stated by Samuel L. Jackson in more than one of his movies: “…hold on to your butts.”

ww3 2017 predictionsA heavy meteor shower began on April 16 known as the Lyrids that is said to radiate through the “Summer Triangle.” The Summer Triangle is a collection of three bright stars: Deneb in Cygnus (the celestial bird of Hellenic tradition), Altair in Aquila (the celestial eagle also known as the flying vulture), and Vega in Lyra (the celestial lyre of Orpheus).

ww3 2017 predictionsI could not help but make the connection to Göbekli Tepe’s Pillar 43, otherwise known as the Vulture Stone, located in southeast Turkey. Multiple experts, including Graham Hancock, author of “Magicians of the Gods”, believe it represents the three constellations Scorpius, Sagittarius and Aquila, also known as Cygnus, Lyra and Aquila. The stone is believed to depict the death journey of the soul; a removal of the soul from its physical environment towards its final destination amongst the stars.

While I do not doubt the legitimacy of this interpretation, I find it painfully difficult to ignore the similarity between this meteor shower and the Vulture Stone. What if that circle, instead of representing the soul, instead represents something else, such as a planetary body careening through the asteroid belt that could potentially scatter meteors in all directions.

On March 1, scientists from the University of Waterloo announced the discovery of a dark matter halo. An image was taken of two celestial objects held together by an unseen force, theorized to be a black hole or possibly a planet. They do not disclose the location of this discovery, however an extremely similar image was recently hacked from a blotted out section of Google Sky.

Compare the two:

ww3 2017 predictions

Image from recent Dark Matter Bridge Discovery

ww3 2017 predictionsImage blocked out by Google Sky


What else is interesting about the location of this image blocked out by Google Sky, is that it rests within the womb of the Virgo constellation. Why is that significant?

Many people on this planet classify themselves as Christians, believing that a man known as Jesus Christ walked the Earth and was considered to be the son of God. What most fail to consider is that numerous historical figures that predate Jesus carved throughout numerous ancient artifacts carry the same traits within their stories as well: 12 followers, 3 wise kings, Dec. 25, dying and rising 3 days later, brightest star in the eastern sky, being born of a Virgin mother.

All ancient renditions of these characters obviously vary in some way such as with their names, however generally speaking they seem to follow a general outline in which they describe a large, white, auburn haired man descending upon our planet from the heavens, evolving our species into advanced civilization, then being defeated by an invading entity. Though this paragraph warrants its own dedicated discussion, especially since many of you became instantly filled with rage upon seeing someone talk smack against our undisputed lord and savior, I brought it up to simply illustrate one of the traits that these characters all share in common: being born of a virgin mother. The hacked image taken from Google Sky above is located within the womb of the virgin constellation. Possible connection?

Mainstream science claims the image blocked out on Google Sky appears to be either two galaxies or two stars being held together by an unseen force that they say could be a planet.

NASA Announces the Discovery of a Star With Seven Planets, Right On Our Doorstep:

On Feb 22 of this year, NASA (Never A Straight Answer) announced the discovery of the TRAPPIST-1, an ultra-cool red dwarf star consisting of seven planets located 40 light years from our planet, which means it’s close. All seven of the planets are considered to be Earth-sized worlds. They seem to be locked into a tight formation and three of them are already believed to be potentially habitable.

If you think about it, this is exactly how Nibiru, otherwise known as Planet-X or Planet Nine, is described: a red dwarf star with seven moons that orbits our solar system once every 3600 years and is set to arrive this year.

The Solar System Shows Signs of Climate Change

Now I understand that most of you have come across this controversial topic and by now have cemented your beliefs over its possible validity or obvious fiction. Let me guess he is going to go on and on about some new doomsday event. There really are some hard to ignore observations.

For example, major unheard of changes are appearing on the surface and atmosphere of our sun and all of our neighboring planets. 

A study by Dr. Mike Lockwood from Rutherford Appleton National Laboratories, in California, along with numerous other studies have discovered the following: ww3 2017 predictions

  • Since 1901, the sun’s overall magnetic field has increased 230%. Everything in the solar system should rotate roughly on the same plane, however the most massive object, the Sun, is considered to be 6 degrees off. It is as if something is tugging on the planets and causing a wobble. Several notable scientists have already theorized the cause to be Planet Nine.
  • A NASA image, taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on the right displays Earth sized objects orbiting our Sun. Scott C Waring enlarges these objects and on his blog discusses their significance.
  • On June 17, 1982, a NASA press release from Ames Research Center officially recognized the possibility of “some kind of mystery object” beyond the outermost planets.
  • Earth’s moon is growing an atmosphere. A 9,000 km deep layer of Natrium has appeared that NASA believes helps to facilitate the lunar water cycle of water molecules between polar and lower latitude areas. Oh by the way water was discovered on the moon. ww3 2017 predictions
  • Mercury: A surprisingly weakmagnetic field discovered that is theorized to be caused by the surrounding solar wind … or possibly the gravitational pull from another celestial object. 
  • Venus: 2500% increase in auroral brightness in the last 30 years; significant physical, chemical and optical atmospheric changes observed.
  • Mars: Indication of “global warming,” disappearance of polar icecaps, huge storms; unexplained growth of ozone concentration.
  • Jupiter: Over 200% increase in brightness of surrounding plasma clouds; belts have even changed color; doubling of magnetic field intensity since 1992.
  • Saturn: surge of X-rays from equator; strange auroras being reported; movement observed in its rings through the Hubble telescope.
  • Uranus: Massive changes in brightness, increased global cloud activity from what was once believed to be a very calm atmosphere; abrupt large scale growth of magnetosphere intensity.
  • Neptune: 40% increase in atmospheric brightness, unexplained changes in light spot dynamics.
  • Pluto: Unexplained growth in dark spots. As it continues to recede farther from the sun, its atmospheric pressure somehow has increased by 300%. This is theorized to be the result of anincrease in eruptive activity on its surface. 
  • Earth: Obvious and substantial geophysical changes, such as a dramatic increase in the rate of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, wildfires. Our magnetic field has also been decreasing, slowly over the last 2000 years, however exponentially over the last 20. Now do not get me wrong, I absolutely believe that mankind is a major influence behind what we are witnessing. I am merely pointing out the fact that changes are taking place.
  • The glowing plasma at the edge of our Solar System has recently increased 1000%.

ww3 2017 predictions

Much of the above phenomenon could be explained if you were to consider the Planet Nine theory to be valid. It is important to note that our ancients, such as the Sumerians, also charted this brown dwarf star. On the right is a Sumerian seal that displays a star with seven planets in a tight formation that dates back close to 3,500 B.C.E. Bear in mind this is an artifact that severely predates the Bible and was not edited by an English King in 1611 … the same King James that authored the “Book of Demonology” and the “Book of Witchcraft.”

Thousands of clay tablets, unearthed in Mesopotamia, dating as far back as 3,500 B.C.E. describe a planet known as Nibiru, “the planet of the crossing”, who brought a conquering race known as the Annunaki. They took the DNA of the inhabiting race at the time and genetically spliced them with their own to create humans, the perfect slave to mine Earth’s gold. Their atmosphere had also weakened due to “climate change” and they had figured out that spraying gold in the atmosphere caused the planet to heal.

Maybe we should switch to that instead of aluminum.

Numerous ancient civilizations from our past knew of this brown dwarf star and charted it. The Babylonians called it Marduk and believed it to shepherd the stars like sheep; that it was a true ruler of the cosmos; a kingdom which encompasses many worlds.

Regardless of its source, nearly every ancient culture follows the same outline. They claim upon its initial arrival that it carved the original Earth in half and formed a new planet, thus marking the beginnings of our existence.

The Annunaki are also the ones who originated the cross symbol, often seen around their necks, carved into stone that predates the birth of Christ by 4000 years.

So if the cross has nothing to do with crucifixion, what does it really mean?

Through the study of Cymatics, the study of vibrational phenomenon, one can observe the shape sand for example takes when certain frequencies are applied, such as a cross:


Could this also be how the Pyramids were possibly created?

It has somehow become ingrained within our subconscious to dismiss this kind of information as nonsense, some kind of science fiction movie that could not possibly be the truth. We ignore what is carved into stone thousands of years old yet wholeheartedly accept the written work of English Kings, the people that have always ruled over us and still do to this day.

Every U.S. president except for one is related to the same English King, including Trump.

Understand, the Bible has great secrets. Nikola Tesla after all claims to have uncovered most of his discoveries through the Book of Revelations, insisting that they contained hidden formulas and that Noah was in fact a master electrician. Tesla is considered to be one of the smartest men to have ever lived. One can only benefit from examining his teachings with an open mind.

I believe the Bible to instead be a regurgitated, corporatized view of truth, hence: the greatest story ever told. It too validates the existence of Nibiru. Men of old, of renowned known as Nephilim: giant offspring of “the sons of God,” and “the daughters of men.” It goes on to say how man is made in God’s image. Revelations also discusses a “great star” that fell from the heavens, known as Wormwood … or possibly Nibiru.

Sound a little familiar? Could God be the Annunaki and being made in their image refer to the blending of DNA?

Nearly every ancient culture, numerous texts and artifacts, including the Bible, speak of outside interference from another planet or star. It too seems as if the rate of global events that push us closer to World War correlate with the surmounting creditable sources validating the existence of Planet 9.

Keep an open mind to the possibility of World War 3 being a distraction from a greater event soon to unfold. It has happened in the past.