Russian Woman Proves that PSYCHOKINESIS is Real (VIDEO)

Psychokinesis is the highly controversial phenomenon which involves moving material objects using nothing other than the power of the human mind. The subject is one prone to cause intense debate as many people do not believe that human beings are ready to handle this kind of power yet. Others simply refuse to admit that it could possibly be true and claim that those who say that they have these powers are perpetrating a hoax. But is that really the case? The phenomenon of psychokinesis has been studied in depth over the years by parapsychology experts.

The results published by these experts tends to be free to a large extent from the highly politicized agenda that governs mainstream scientific publishing which means that their reports tend to be credible. Over the years, numerous scholars have leaned themselves to tackling this topic and many renowned academics such as Professor Stephen Braude of the University of Maryland claim that no honest person could read the case studies and easily dismiss them. One of the most credible claims of this kind of ability was put forward by Nina Kulagina who lived in the former Soviet bloc. In the late 1960s, Kulagina caused a stir when in the Russian scientific community where she was subject to a huge number of tests by around forty scientists including two Nobel Laureates.

They said that she could be move objects with her mind and create images of the film. “The communist scientists, who were by no means inclined to take a spiritualistic world view, felt that they had encountered a new force in nature, ” write Jeff Michlove in his book on Kulagina.

The scientists discovered some very unusual things about the composition of Kulagina’s brain which Michlove summarises; “There is a large gradient between the electrical characteristics in the forward part of Mikhailova’s brain versus the back part of the brain (fifty to one), whereas in the average person the gradient is four to one. The usual force field around Mikhailova’s body is ten times weaker than the magnetic field of the earth.” All of this goes to show that there was a time when the Soviet Union took psychokinesis very seriously. In addition to this, the CIA and the Chinese government have also opened their own programs looking in depth at this kind exceptional ability.

If all of these governments as well as key members of the scientific community are convinced that this ability is really inherent in some individuals, then it is probably time that the general public opened their minds to it too.