Revealed: The most unknown Freemason Secrets (VIDEO)

Perhaps you have heard of the Freemason but if you haven’t here is a brief description of exactly who the Freemason are. The Freemason are a religious group who have apparently been around for centuries. Over the years the actions of the Freemason have been the stuff of scandal and urban legend. Many things have been said about the Freemason, including that they are a sort of religious cult. Whatever, the truth is about the Freemason’s the practice and the culture have been passed down through generations. As for what these practices are here are some claims about the Freemasons that we may have heard of or maybe not.

FREEMASON’S REFUSE TO TESTIFY AGAINST EACH OTHER A word of caution to the Judiciary system. This is a religious organization that refuses to bear witness against their brother. Even if they are subpoenaed to testify regardless of being sworn in they will lie if they feel they will incriminate their fellow man. So, they consider perjury less of a crime than actually turning on a another member.

FREEMASON’S HAVE SECRET HANDSHAKE AND NUMEROUS PASSWORDS RELATED ARTICLES The Hidden Meaning Of The Statue Of Liberty’s Freemason SymbolsFrance Now In Terror After Donald Trump’s Victorious Freemason Forces Storm Back Across Atlantic Yes this sounds a bit like a secret lodge routine than the practice of a religion. But Freemasons apparently have a secret handshake that they share with one another and no one else. They also have several different passwords that they use in order to gain access to a meeting places.

THEY WORSHIP THE SUN There are those who actually do this as a general practice and apparently Masons are among them. According to the group the sun is a time of rebirth. It is said that the Mason’s have lodges in the east and west to observe the sun when it rises or sets.

THEIR SYMBOL IS ON MONEY Look at the back of a one dollar bill and see that triangular symbol. Ever wonder what that is, yes some may say a pyramid and rightfully so. But there are those who believe that this is the universal symbol for the Freemason group. So, how did it get there well Benjamin Franklin noble statesman and later President of Pennsylvania sat on the committee to design the currency, he has also been rumored to be a Freemason. However, if he was the only known one in the group who was, but at the same token remember this was a man of great influence at that time that many respected, it maybe more than just a mere coincidence this symbol appears of the dollar. MASON’S HAVE THEIR HAND IN SPACE TRAVEL Some believe that Freemasons can’t be trusted that they wish to take over the earth.

But there are others who feel that the organization wishes to go even further they want to take over the universe. May sound ludicrous but there are some facts to back up this claim. Famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin has admitted to being a Freemason and he was the first man on the moon. So, these are some of the secrets or maybe fabrications surrounding the Freemasons. Yes, like anything people tend to talk about stuff they don’t truly understand. Yes, Freemasons are a religious sort of organization, but does that make them some sort of cult. After all, there are several religions out there today and some seem to rule over a person’s life more so than others. Perhaps, it’s really not a place to judge but to just live and let live, provided what is going on doesn’t effect our way of life.