North Korea Satellite EMP PSYOP to Start WWIII Say Expert (Video)

Here is an interesting video of a an ex military white hat hacker saying the EMP is a psyop to attack NK satellite to start WWIII.

This information is IMPORTANT. They are claiming the satellite location is being manipulated to get Trump to call in the Senate to get approval to shoot the satellite down which will start WWIII. Keep in mind, this video was put up two weeks ago. So look at this. This is a screengrab of the location of the satellite right now. You’ll notice the next pass will go right over New York according to this…the satellite is travelling north to south, as shown by the red arrow.

But then you see on the prediction for it passing over today, and you’ll see they have it travelling in the opposite direction..

So the prediction is completely opposite of actual flight path???? And today Trump is meeting in secret with the Senate.

Further information from a different guest. He says this EMP is very real, and the New Word Order is helping North Korea, he explains how to protect items in case of EMP. Pretty hair raising. Listen to the whole thing, he takes a bit to get around to it, but what this guy says should be taken seriously…