Island of Dolls is The Stuff of Nightmares (VIDEO)

A remote area of woodland in Mexico is home to thousands of mutilated dolls hanging up in trees.The cold, dead stare of a doll’s eyes have the potential to freak just about anyone out at the best of times, but for those with an actual phobia of dolls there is one place you definitely don’t want to visit.Situated in a remote wooded area in Xochimilco, Mexico, the appropriately named ‘Island of the dolls’ consists of thousands of old dolls and doll parts hanging ominously from the trees.Legend has it that artist Julian Santana Barrera, who is attributed with hanging up the first dolls, was compelled to do so after hearing the tormented screams of a girl said to have drowned nearby.Since then the area has gained a reputation for being haunted and visitors continue to drop by from time to time to leave coins and to hang more dolls thus adding to the ever-growing collection.