FANTASTIC! Giant floating alien is shocking the Internet (VIDEO)

The bizarre and the uncanny can bring both fascination and dread for it defies everything we have been taught during our lifetime with it’s chaotic natures giving birth to a more improbable world.

Every once in a while someone films or takes a photo of something so strange it’s hard to find any meaning or explanation behind it. Things like ghosts or spiritual looking entities have some degree of explanation as they are part of another realm that is connected with our own, where the dead reside.

There’s things like strange creatures roaming our world that have have given rise to several urban legends. Creatures like bigfoot, chupacabras, the Jersey devil, the mothman, or creatures that live in the deep seas that sometimes appear on the surface shocking everybody.

But recently something appeared in the skies of a town in Zambia. A bizarre looking humanoid entity was seen by many locals and photographed. Watch the following video to know more!