CREEPY! Pennsylvania man captures the Jersey devil on camera (VIDEO)

There are numerous legends about formidable and fearsome creatures that once roamed the our world.

Many tales regarding these monsters usually sound terrifying and puts us at ease that such creatures only exist in folklore and nowhere else. But many people have had encounters with these bizarre beings and some even had photographic proof to support the authenticity of their story. One such uncanny creature that has been spotted by many throughout the years is the nightmarish “Jersey Devil”.

According to legend the creature was born as the 13th baby of the Leeds family. Mother Leeds cursed her 13th pregnancy in frustation saying that her child would be the devil. After the baby was born, it killed the midwife and turned into a hideous creature with bat wings, forked tail and a goats head.

Since then many people witnessed the Jersey devil, which was named the “Leeds Devil” back in the later 1800s and early 1900s. Watch the following video to know more!