Secret Russian Weapons… Nature, Aliens…? Mysterious sound recorded in Plymouth, UK (VIDEO)

Plymouth resident Joao Caetano managed to make a recording of the eerie sound on his mobile phone…

The city, which is situated on the southern coast of England, is certainly no stranger to unusual noises thanks to what is known as the ‘Plymouth Hum’ – a mysterious low droning sound that authorities have been struggling to explain for years.

Hundreds of people claim to have heard the hum with some maintaining that it has even prevented them from sleeping at night. One theory suggests that the humming noise may be caused by waves vibrating on the sea floor – something that only a small percentage of people can hear.

This new sound however, which you can listen to below, seems to be something else entirely.

That sounds very similar to what others have recorded for the past several years.

It was William Henry or Michael Tellinger, one or the other, who had a show on GAIA t.v. last year explaining about light and sound resonance. David Wilcock had several shows explaining it on Wisdom Teachings too. Science is getting more interesting every day.