How to detect negative energies? You only need a glass of water! (VIDEO)

Negative energy is energy that is collected around an individual’s house in which can affect their moods and thoughts in a negative way such as putting addition stress on their well-being, give them negative emotions, and slowly deteriorate the host’s relationships with friends or family. This article is a method on how to use a glass of water to see if there is negative energy in a household, in hopes that it will make the person more aware of the energy and the different aspects that may be affecting them beyond the physical attributes.


The first thing to do is to reflect on recent occurrences that may have lead up to the reason why the negative energies began in the first place. It may be difficult to depict if there are these energies for sure due to very few noticeable symptoms. If the individual does not feel there is anything wrong, using this method is a good way to detect underlying issues. Obtain a clear glass cup and fill it with one-third of sea salt, one-third of water, and one-third of vinegar, then place it in a room where the negative energy may be located. The individual will then hide the cup and leave it there for a full 24 hours – The cup should not be moved anywhere.

If the glass has smudges or many bubbles and seems to have been tampered before it was placed, that depicts that there is a negative presence. Repeat the steps of replacing the glass with the same ingredients for as many days until the glass remains untouched. A disclaimer is to flush the ingredients from the glass into the toilet in order to clear all of the negative energy from the house.

If the individual still feels uneasy about their surroundings spiritually, then they must repeat the process until they feel at ease again. Not many people think of the spiritual attributes that may be present in their home; sometimes it is not needed if the person has a stable life and good relationships with their friends or family.