Fukushima once again is leaking deadly levels of radiation (VIDEO)

Almost six years after the devastating series of earthquakes and tsunamis that precipitated the terrifying meltdown of Fukushima nuclear power plant, the serious repercussions are still being felt in the region.

It is being reported that record levels of lethally high radiation have been detected at a damaged reactor in the complex which is leaking out into the atmosphere through a meter wide hole which has probably been caused by melted nuclear fuel. Reports in the Japanese say that the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has announced that radiation levels are being emitted from the destroyed nuclear power complex at levels of up to 530 Sieverts per hour. It should be noted that this is an incredibly toxic dose.

Exposure to only 8 Sieverts of nuclear radiation is considered to be inevitably lethal. The radiation leak is reportedly coming from the inactive Reactor 2 of the nuclear complex. Investigators have also detected a metre wide hole in the building which has caused them a great of alarm. According to spokespeople from TEPCO, the iron scaffolding reinforcing the building has a melting point of 1500 degrees and therefore it is most likely that the hole was caused by falling, red hot fuel debris.

This theory has been validated by the fact that investigators discovered fuel debris on equipment at the bottom of the pressure vessel close to the worryingly large hole. At this point in time, the area is not considered safe enough to allow for humans to directly investigate the problem themselves. Therefore, the personnel from TEPCO have elected to use remote controlled robots to assess the damage. However, this plan has run into a problem as the radiation levels are so incredibly high that even the purpose-built robots have found the conditions impossible to survive. It is being reported that the site around the leak is so dangerous that the robots are crumbling and shutting down at an unprecedented rate.