Chupacabra? Creepy animal caught on Night Vision camera in Australia (VIDEO)

An Australian Facebook page dedicated to the conservation of wildlife caught a mysterious and bizarre 30-second clip of a tiny critter in a forested area on the edge of Sydney on night vision that is unidentifiable.


The video clip presents a peculiar creature that harbors a tail similar to that of a kangaroo and bearing cat-like movement. The little guy appears to be scurrying about some woodlands in search of food and from the reflection of the eyes, it is likely the animal is nocturnal and can navigate in the darkness. The recording can be viewed on YouTube under the title “Mysterious Half-Cat Half-Kangaroo Caught on Camera,” as well as many other internet outlets with a simple Google search as it continues to spread like wildfire.

The animal is still of unknown origin, despite similarities to more commonly known mammals as mentioned in the previous paragraph. Spectators offered several different possibilities as to what this little being could be consisting of a wallaby, a tree kangaroo, and even a possum.

It is anticipated that sooner rather than later, claims of the creature being a chupacabra will arise as the short flick continues to circulate and populate, online. Luckily, only claims of basic, everyday animals known to be natives of Sydney, Australia are being suggested as of now.

After viewing the video clip extensively and numerous times, the critter appears to me to be some rodent similar to an opossum. One thing I am continuously perplexed about is the creature’s pointy cat-like ears and cat-like demeanor and flow. At a quick glance, I might even mistake the animal for an overweight house-cat such as a Sphynx. I, like so many other people across the globe, am uncertain of this creature’s species.